Started a business from a passion for medicinal herbs

The love for nature, coupled with her background as a traditional medicine practitioner, has enabled Ms. Vu Minh Tu (residing in Kien An commune, Cho Moi district, An Giang province) to explore and nurture her passion for medicinal herbs. This passion has emboldened Ms. Tu to invest in building the brand of Golden Needle Jasmine Tea products. Golden Needle Jasmine is a medicinal plant with many health benefits, which Ms. Tu utilizes to produce herbal remedies that can support the treatment of various illnesses.

Công việc thu hái hoa đều được tiến hành thủ công từ lúc sáng sớm
The flower harvesting process is entirely conducted manually from early morning

The dream of seeking clean medicinal herbs

With nearly 15 years of experience working at the Chợ Mới District Health Center, Ms. Vu Minh Tú has noticed the scarcity of medicinal herbs, especially clean sources for people to use with confidence. “People are accustomed to drinking tea, so why not use medicinal herbs that can be brewed into tea? This way, they can enjoy tea while also protecting their bodies, preventing diseases, and even combining with other medicines for treatment,” Ms. Tú explained.

After thorough research and utilizing her professional knowledge, Ms. Tú has been particularly impressed by the Honeysuckle plant. According to her, Honeysuckle is known as a “plant antibiotic,” with fewer side effects compared to Western antibiotics. Therefore, it can be used to treat various conditions such as sinusitis, acute nephritis, urinary retention, support for hepatitis treatment, fever relief, and allergy prevention.

On her 2,000m2 garden in Kien An commune, Ms. Tú cultivates Honeysuckle plants using safe farming practices to ensure the integrity of the plant’s medicinal properties. The garden is protected by nearly 1 hectare of buffer zone, aimed at creating a clean and safe environment for optimal growth of the Honeysuckle plants. Throughout the cultivation process, Ms. Tú employs natural production methods, using organic fertilizers, and completely avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Each year, Honeysuckle plants bloom from March to May. After harvesting, the flowers are cleaned, air-dried naturally, and preserved using cold drying technology to retain their nutrients fully. The dried flowers are then vacuum-packed or sealed in glass bottles before being supplied to the market.

Alongside establishing the raw material area, Ms. Tú also proactively set up the Thái Minh Nguyên Trading and Service Limited Company to develop her own Honeysuckle tea brand. After more than a year of comprehensive preparation, in March 2021, the Honeysuckle tea product was introduced to the market by the Thái Minh Nguyên Trading and Service Limited Company. In the near future, with technological support from the Promotion Center (Department of Industry and Trade), the company will launch Honeysuckle tea products in tea bag form, which will be more convenient for consumers.

Ms. Tú stated that Honeysuckle tea products are not entirely new. However, the company’s criterion is to ensure food safety with each product sold in the market. The company is committed to the “4 nos” criteria (no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors).

“Competition is inevitable in the market, so the company strives to find the best solutions, from product quality to attractive and elegant design. In addition, we offer preferential treatment for loyal customers, establish a network of collaborators in various places for easy access, and bring the product to everyone’s home,” Ms. Tú expressed her wishes.

In recent times, Ms. Tú has showcased the Honeysuckle tea products at trade fairs, received local support to participate in the OCOP program (One Commune, One Product), set up booths on e-commerce platforms, and more. Through these efforts, she aims to reach customers while building a safe herbal brand from Honeysuckle tea products. “The Honeysuckle tea products of the company, after being introduced to the market, have received very positive feedback from consumers. Firstly, they have a gentle and pleasant aroma, easy to drink, help with sleep, reduce body heat due to the use of Western medicine or heat in the summer, relieve sore throat, and throat inflammation,” Ms. Tú shared.

This serves as a great motivation for those who have chosen and are choosing different paths to start a business, creating clean and safe herbal products not only for business purposes but also primarily for the health benefit of everyone.


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