The founder of the Kim Ngan Hoa tea brand

Doctor Vu Minh Tu – The founder of the Kim Ngan Hoa tea brand

Tuesday, January 11, 2022 14:00 PM (GMT+7)

Doctor Vu Minh Tu is one of the highly skilled doctors in the field of Traditional Medicine, with expertise and passion for agriculture. She has conducted research and founded Thái Minh Nguyên Company with the Kim Ngan Hoa tea brand.

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Doctor Vu Minh Tu is not only beautiful and talented but also an inspirational figure in business for many other women.

Coming from a background as a traditional medicine doctor, what circumstances led her to decide to start her own business?

I have worked in the field of traditional medicine for 15 years. In my daily work, I often interact with many patients, and I frequently hear them complaining about issues such as headaches, insomnia, joint pain, urinary urgency, difficulty urinating, and persistent fatigue. Although these are common and seemingly simple symptoms, if they persist, they can significantly affect one’s daily life and health.

These experiences motivated me to seek out medicinal herbs to help them prevent illness and improve the issues they commonly face. Subsequently, I decided to establish Thái Minh Nguyên Company with our flagship product being Kim Ngan Hoa tea.

Why did she decide to start her entrepreneurial journey in the tea industry?

Tea is a familiar and widely consumed beverage across the globe. According to some studies, tea ranks second only to plain water as the most consumed beverage. Enjoying tea not only promotes relaxation but also offers numerous health benefits.

From Europe to Asia, from upscale restaurants to street-side stalls, people of all ages and health statuses can enjoy tea as a daily beverage. Therefore, I believe starting a business in this product is akin to everyday consumer goods, enabling anyone to use it wherever they are, conveniently and quickly.

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The Kim Ngan Hoa Tea product is researched and developed by Doctor Vu Minh Tu

What makes Kim Ngan Hoa Tea special compared to regular tea?

Kim Ngan Hoa is a type of natural antibiotic in plants. This herbal remedy is classified among the 30 rare and valuable plant antibiotics, often used in traditional medicine prescriptions of ancient times.

Particularly in European and Asian countries, Kim Ngan Hoa has been utilized as a daily beverage tea. Due to its non-toxic nature, prolonged consumption can be highly beneficial to health.

The Kim Ngan Hoa Tea from Thái Minh Nguyên Company has distinctive features that set it apart from other teas on the current market?

Firstly, Kim Ngan Hoa is selected from the best varieties, and the cultivation areas are meticulously chosen, having undergone treatments to address issues related to chemical fertilizers, ensuring optimal flower development.

Secondly, in the flower selection process for drying, Kim Ngan flowers must be at the right blooming stage. At this point, the medicinal properties within the flowers are at their peak, maximizing their health benefits.

Thirdly, during the drying process, the company employs cold drying technology to preserve the full medicinal properties, avoiding any loss of quality within the flowers. This differs from other products on the market where hot drying methods or the inclusion of various impurities may reduce effectiveness.

Thái Minh Nguyên Company always commits to quality, hence our production process is rigorous and meticulous. Our packaging and processing procedures strictly avoid the use of artificial colors and preservatives. As a result, most customers provide positive feedback on the product: a distinct, subtly sweet aroma without any impurities.

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Doctor Vu Minh Tu has dedicated a lot of time and passion to research and develop the Kim Ngan Hoa tea product

According to the old saying, ‘Men build houses, women build homes.’ As both a doctor and a businesswoman, did you face any difficulties in ‘building a home’? If so, what were they, and how did you overcome them?

At the beginning, I faced quite a few challenges in balancing work and family. Coming from a medical background, I didn’t have much experience in business, so I had to make an effort to continuously learn and update my knowledge. Fortunately, my family became a solid support system, helping me immensely in business matters and professional development.

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Every Kim Ngan Hoa tea product undergoes a strict and meticulous production process.

On a daily basis, I balance everything by planning. I always ensure to allocate time to both learn about business and focus on my family, taking care of my children.

During the weekends, my family organizes outings or travels somewhere to relax together. Additionally, when we go out, I have many opportunities to interact and learn new things, finding fresh inspiration for my work while still maintaining family bonds.

Could you share your plans and goals for yourself as well as for Kim Ngan Hoa Tea in 2022?

In 2022, I will continue to build and develop Kim Ngan Hoa tea. Additionally, I will introduce more products related to Kim Ngan Hoa herbal remedies. These new products will not only be teas but also other health care products, helping to combine support for health care issues and disease prevention.

Thank you for the insightful sharing from Doctor Vu Minh Tu. Wishing you good health and success in bringing quality health care products to consumers.

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